If you are a healthcare or first-response group who needs supplies custom fabricated, please fill out the forum below to be matched with Makers in your area. Please note that we can only fill requests within the continental US. For international orders, please contact us. 

What Items Do You Need?
Face Shields

Our 3D Printed Face Shields were designed as a quick response to an easily solvable problem we saw, lack of facial PPE in hospitals during the pandemic. These newly developed NIH approved shields are designed to be a one time use product but can be washed in a dilute bleach bath and reused. 

Ear Savers

Ear Savers are strain relief bands used to prevent a mask's ear loops from digging into the eats of the wearer. With multiple adjustment options, they also allow larger masks to be worn by smaller users. 

Intubation Boxes

Intubation boxes are a tool designed to be used by Anesthesiologists to protect them selves from bodily fluids while intubating a patient. The box can be set over a patients head and has glove holes to access the patient from behind. Produced on demand only

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