The Future of Hack The Pandemic

Hi everyone, We wanted to give some exciting updates and changes happening with Hack The Pandemic over the next few weeks. 


As you may or may not know, Hack The Pandemic is a project that we started to aid in the distribution and creation of crowdsourced medical supplies in March of 2020. What began as 2 kids and their friends screwing around with 3D printers grew to over 300 volunteers producing Tens of Thousands of Face Shields, Ear Savers, and Intubation Boxes for Medical Facilities, First Response groups, and Essential Workers. To date, we have created More than 20,000 units of PPE and distributed countless amounts of manufactured goods from Florida up to Quebec. 

Over the last few weeks, we have noticed a decrease in demand for DIY PPE items in healthcare facilities. We have also noticed a sharp uptick in the need for more technologically demanding projects both in and outside of the medical fields. There are so many projects that Makers and Engineers can help with across the world. Because of this, we have decided to pivot our mission from creating PPE for healthcare workers to working as a rapid recovery group for crises across the US and possibly the world. I will have more information coming shortly as soon as I can finalize some things. 


What does this mean for PPE donations? We will still be working on pandemic projects just as hard as we ever have. However, to do some much-needed upgrades and changes to our request system, our website will be temporarily offline for the next few weeks. In the meantime, feel free to email us at to schedule a PPE donation. 


We are excited to be able to work with more and different groups of people over the coming weeks to help solve these issues with innovative, crowdsourced technology. Again, a massive thank you to everyone who donated time, money, supplies, or connections to help us produce so much PPE!


Aashray Manchanda

Co-Founder and COO

Hack The Pandemic

Jerry Orans

 Co-Founder and CEO

Hack The Pandemic